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Fern Wiser
Fernand WISER, diamond expert
Founder Wiserpoetry Editions
Ambassador of the Antwerp Diamond Industry

Juliana M portrait.png
Juliana MARQUES, designer
Fernand Wiser, former jeweler in Brussels, asset manager in Switzerland, former investment banker in Luxembourg,  diamond dealer in Antwerp, turned to a "diamantaire poet" or a "poet diamantaire"? Working with diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, I discovered poetry and I began to write and edit my poems. Without losing sight of my profession as a diamond expert, diamond broker that I associate with poetry. We are in the world of "beauty" sublimated by texts that take you to a bright, imaginary world just like diamonds, jewelry.

Juliana Marques, launched a new brand of high jewelry "Infinity Attraction"and is proud to work with local craftsmen to create unique and quality jewels in Paris.

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